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Column no. 190 - 181

You will see columns in the past; what I noticed about/in Thailand, about differences between Thailand and Japan and so on.
I'm wondering how long I can continue writing a column... :D

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no. 190 - Madame Tussauds

My favorite flower in Thailand, Hang-Nok-Yung (หางนกยูง).

In English, it has a few names like Royal poinciana, Flame of the forest, or Peacock flower. I thought this tree blossomed year round, but it looks like their season is around March to May. I didn't know that.

The picture was taken in May in Mae Hong Son, in the north of Thailand.

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no. 189 - Offering sets

In Thailand, you will see offering sets when you visit temples. They are called ChutArhaan Saibaat - ชุดอาหารใส่บาตร - in Thai language.

The picture right shows offering sets I saw in Sangkhlaburi in Thailand. They have rice, sweets, juice, milk, candles and so on. What kind of things an offering set has depends on shops.

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no. 188 - sofa in the rest room

Wat Samanratanaram in Chachoengsao, the province on the east of Bangkok.

You'll see Thailand's largest reclining Ganesha; one of the Hindu deities, the eldest son of the destroyer god, Shiva, who has an elephant head and four arms, rides on a mouse.

This temple has a lot of mouse statues from small to big ones. Some of them stay in the incense burners like the picture right. (Hey, isn't it hot ?)

โซฟาสวยๆ กับ ห้องน้ำหรูๆ

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no. 187 - Sabaai Cat

Speaking of Thailand, some of you remember the famous convenient vehicle with three wheels, Tuk-Tuk.

The picture right was taken around Wat Arun, known as "Temple of the Dawn" in Bangkok, and someone told me this type of Tuk-tuk can be seen only around this are.

Hmmm, is this true ...? :D

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no. 186 - Thailand Flood !


The worst flooding in 50 years. It's coming almost 10 kilometers away from the center of Bangkok.
Some places has already had water such as shopping centers, subway stations and the famous and popular market, Jatujak Market.
I just pray for safety of everyone in Thailand ...

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no. 185 - Snowman in Chiang mai

The very warm country, Thailand.
However, you'll feel it's cool or even very cold on mountains of the northern Thailand.

The picture right was taken in Chiang mai airport in February. Oh, well, even if it's cool or cold, you don't have snow and can't make a snowman ! :D
The board behind still says "Happy New Years".
(I'm interested in how long they are decorated here.)

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no. 184 - Royal Barge Procession

"Royal Barges" are boats for the exclusive use of the royal family.
They are going to have a parade this month. I really wish I could go and see the parade...

The picture right is one of the royal barges, The Suphannahongse Royal Barge, the most important royal barge built in 1911 during the reign of Rama VI with a bow resembling a mythical swan, or hong (Lord Brahman's vehicle).

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no. 183 - Japanese food

I know Thai food tastes very good but still as a Japanese, I miss Japanese food and when I see Japanese food in Thailand, especially when I didn't expect that, I feel very glad and relaxing.

This picture shows Seafood Donburi (bowl of rice topped with seafood) at the Suvarnabhumi Airport station of Airport Link train.

They called this Kaisen-Chirashi Don ... if my memory is correct.

It was very good ! :D
If you have time, let's check and try it !

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no. 182 - Bird of Paradise

It's called "Bird of paradise", "Strelitzia" or "crane flower" in English. In Japanese, it's called GokurakuchoukaiɊyԁj, the same meaning as Bird of paradise.

It's originally from South Africa but I see them in Thailand so often. Very beautiful. :)

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no. 181 - Thai Massage

When you visit Thailand and get tired, why don't you go and have Thai massage ?

I don't know about your country but compared to in Japan, it's very reasonable in Thailand.

The picture right shows the ceiling of the Thai massage show I go often in Bangkok.
They use colorful umbrellas for lights to show relaxing feeling. I'm sure you can feel very relaxing. :)

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