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Let's Try Thai Language !

It must be fantastic if you can write to or talk to people in Thailand.
Let's try Thai Language with me.

How do you say in Thai language ? Let's learn expressions !
I'm really happy if this page will help you when you go to Thailand.
  • Thai language pronunciation
    Click buttons and you can listen to native pronunciations.

  • Writing Thai Language
    There are no spaces between words in Thai sentences. However, to learn Thai language here, we put a space between words to understand well, not all sentences, though.
    ชอบ ต้มยำกุ้ง มาก ครับ
    (In English, "I woke up at eight o'clock this morning." is like "Iwokeupateighto'clockthismorning." in Thai if no spaces. Whew !)

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  • 28/Jul/2014
    [ Glad, Fun
    " I'm in a good mood today."

 [Thai Language] Basics

Hello, Thai language
Welcome to "Hello, Thai language" !
Let's see the basic of basics of Thai language for those who make a trip to Thailand for the first time or who want to say hi in Thai language at least.

Basics of conversation
Expression of men or women,
Reply and question, denial and basic word order, conjunction,
how to put modifiers and so on.

 Greetings, Hello, Bye-bye
How are you doing, hello, I'm fine, thank you for today, bye, Name, This is my wife/husband, where are you from, tourist, Good night, good sleep,
Thank you, I'm sorry
Thank you, I'm sorry.
Sorry for keeping you waiting, Sorry I'm late, no problem, don't worry.

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 [Thai Language] Thai Letters

Thai Alphabet
List of Thai Characters.
They Learn Thai letters with names of animals or something else.

Practice Thai letters
- First, one by one in order.
- Second, learn the read from the letter.
- Then, practice writing from the read.

Keyboard arrangement of Thai letter
The keyboard arrangement when you input Thai Characters by PC.
You will find some examples of how to type.

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 [Thai Language] Date and Numbers

Year, month and day
Expressions of date and day of the week,
what is the date today ?, what day is it today?, when did you come ?, before ---

Numbers, hour, number of times
Expressions of numbers, hour, How many, How much,
Do you have the time ? How long ?, often/sometimes, number of times.

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 [Thai Language] Life

Daily life 1 (Basics)
This is ..., Give me ..., Please do ...,
May I/Can I ... ?, Photo: May I/Can I ... ?,  want to do, who is ... ? which one ... ? how to read ?
Daily life 3 (other phrases)
It's a waste !, Be careful !,
have to / don't have to, I had a dream, dream of you,
I'm drunk ! Watch TV all day, I had a dog, ..

Daily life 2 (various phrases)
Don't drink too much,
Let's play, game is fun, go out together ?, sing a song very sweet, Let's take a break, ready ? looking forward to, go and come back, Interested / Not interested

Talk to, Ask, Listen again
Excuse me, wait for a while, hello, honey,
What is this/that ? what is this called in Thai ? Wait, later, Would you say once again ? What ? I can't hear you, I don't understand, I know it, I don't know it.
How much ? Expensive, Too much, Discount, please ?
How much does it cost to the airport ?,  How much is the fare ?, bigger/smaller, Can I try on ? I like this color, size, shape. Give me a receipt for that, which floor ? .
Place/Are there ... ?/Direction
Are there ... ? Do you have ...? Where is ...?
What station ?, Is this seat available ?,  I'll get off here. late, Traffic jam, take me to ..., turn right, go straight, Stay at home all day, let me go through.
On the phone
Let's talk on the phone.
Hello, This is ..., I'd like to speak with ...,
Just a moment, please, I'll call back.
Basic phrase, fine day, hot, cold, raining, snowing, windy, typhoon, rainy season, weather tomorrow, it looks like, hotter than usual

Work Time
Work hard !, I'll go to work, come back late at night, I'm home, very busy, nothing to do, I'm free, work overtime, email you, holiday, don't want to work, I'm late, have to / must hurry !
It's payday today
School life
Student, grade, Work hard / study hard,
Lunch time, subjects, difficult, easy, test/exam.
Friends, that person is handsome, beautiful, cute, charming/attractive, gentle/kind, scary, rich, naughty and so on.

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 [Thai Language] Survive

Hungry !
I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I'm full,
Spicy, delicious, I love it ! I like it ! looks yummy !
Give me water, already enough, start eating, etc.

Physical condition
Stomachache, headache, toothache, have a pain,
I'm tired, I feel sick, I have a fever,
Hot/cool/cold, Hay fever season has arrived, sleepy, Go to sleep !

Help ! Urgent !
Help !, Call the police/a doctor/an ambulance, Where is the police/hospital ?,
I lost the way, forgot/left ..., lost my passport/wallet,
Stop it !, Wait !, What's wrong ?

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 [Thai Language] Feelings

Glad, Fun
I'm in a good mood, I'm very glad, cool, beautiful, I made it, I'm jealous,
Fun, interesting, I'm excited, go for it, and so on.

Mutter, Accept
Well.., Oh, ya ?, Really ?, Why ?, What shall I do ?, Terrible !
I think so, I got it, Sure, See ? I told you.
So so, Just kidding !, ...noooo, nothing.

Surprise, Angry, Sad
I'm surprised, this is funny, what happened ? Oops, I got mad !, I can't stand !, Noooo ! Get out !, I am angry (at him/her).
Sad, I feel sorry, I hurt, No luck, Why are you beautiful like that ?

Like, Love, Congratulations !
I like ..., I don't like it,
I love you, miss you, Will you marry me ?, I'm single, married, have a boyfriend / girlfriend, you are cute,
Worried about you, Our hearts are always together, I pray for your safety, Everything will go well !
"No cheating ! Congratulations, Happy birthday / Happy wedding / Happy new year, Shy / Embarrassing

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 [Thai Language] Event

Special occasions
Happy new year, thank you for this year, Happy Valentine's Day,
Will you go to Songkran Festival ? Halloween,
Thank you for this year, Wish next year will be, have a year-end party, Be careful not to drink too much !
Olympics, Calling out
Looking forward to the the Tokyo Olympics,
Ganbarou Nippon, We can do it, Hang in there, Go for it.

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 [Thai Language] Others

- A friend in need is a friend indeed.
- Earthquakes, thunder, fires, fathers.
- When the cat is away, the mice will play.
- Seeing is believing.
- It is not necessary to teach a fish to swim.
- like beating the air / like talking to a wall

- Walls have ears
- Out of the frying pan into the fire.
- He who runs after two hares will catch neither.

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 Local Language

Thai language has local languages like other languages do.
For example, the speaking speed or words are different from the north, south, northeast and east. In the south, they speak fast, and in the north, they speak slowly.

I guess the language spoken in Bangkok is their common language.

  • example 1) krab / ka (see "Basics of conversation")
    " krab " or " ka " added at the end of the sentence is changed into " jao " in the north and " hi " in the east.
  • example 2) aroi
    " aroi " of " aroi mark " when you want to say " very delicious ".
     In the north, they express this as " rum tae tae jao ", in the south " roi jang huu ".

The website below provides Thai, Japanese, English simple dictionary and you can lookup Thai words in English, Thai or Japanese, and listen to them with native speaker audio in Thai. It will help you to learn Thai language.

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